तमु प्ये ल्हु सघं - छोटो परिचय​

Tamu Pye Lhu Sangh - Our Identity

Tamu Pye Lhu Sangh (TPLS) UK was first established in order to preserve, conserve and promote the Tamu (Gurung) heritage culture, religious  beliefs and practices. Also, it will bring out awareness among the Tamu communities of its importance. Since its inception, the association has been instrumental in providing awareness about the Tamu cultures and traditions with remarkable results across different parts of the globe. 

The Tamu Pye Lhu Sangh was established with the great efforts to promote and preserve the Pyeta Lhuta. Also, it aims at preventing from the various damaging influences such as; urbanization lifestyle, modernized materialism, other religious influence and defecting publicity  for the heritage cultures and traditions. 

In the last few decades, number of Tamu organisations have been established with each playing their own roles in preserving and promoting the values of Tamu traditions and culture. However, it is being more evidence that Tamu Pye Lhu Sangh has been in forefront in emphasizing with effort to promote the heritage culture for practicing that is purely based on teh Pyetan Lhutan.

The significant effort made by Tamu Pye Lhu Sang is producing impressively positive outcome and effectively working to preserve our heritage cultures and to unite the Tamu-ma to their true identity. As this association represents teh whole Tamu-mai, it is every single Tamu's responsibility to understand and preserve the Pyetan Lhutan, particularly at the present time when our heritage is endangered by various external influences. It is that treasure which was from our ancestors. We are preserve and promote based on the value of inheritance.